Category: Grace Unscripted

Richard Fisher

After many years on staff at Moody Bible Institute, Richard Fisher served Grace Church for seven years as the head pastor of adult education. He is a brilliant Biblical mind and a joy to be around. He is now retired and living with his family in Warner Robbins, Georgia.

Sarah Huth

Sarah Huth leads Gather (Formerly known as Mom’s Matter), which is a safe place for women to find Gospel teaching and community. She is also a wife and mother of a “super-blended family.”

Ezra Wimberly

Ezra is one of the most recognizable faces at Grace because he leads worship at the weekend services. While music has always been an important part of his life, there is much more to Ezra than just a guitar and microphone.

Chris Kessick

Chris Kessick is the Regional Director of Young Life North Coast Region. Young Life is a para-church organization focused on introducing adolescents to Jesus and helping them grow in their faith. Young Life has an active presence in several schools in the Greater Akron Area.

Jesse Dolan

Jesse Dolan is a small group leader at Grace. Hear him describe how he and his wife have intentionally chosen to focus their time and energy on family and making Christ the center of their home.

Liz Miller

Liz Miller is a pretty recognizable face at Grace. She can be seen on stage singing with the band, and hosting the Weekend Extra. Liz is also a single mother of four who survived the sudden and unexpected loss of her husband Ricky. Listen as she tells us how Jesus and the Church gave her the strength to deal with tragedy.

Todd Shoemaker

Todd Shoemaker is the head pastor of Student Ministries at Grace. He took the time to share how his life brought him to Akron, and what he envisions for the teenagers of Grace Church.

Angel Dague

Angel Dague is on staff with RAHAB Ministries. RAHAB serves the women of Akron, Ohio who are enslaved by trafficking  by putting truth and love into action. Grace Church has been an active supporter of RAHAB Ministries for many years. Angel met Jesus through the efforts of Becky Moreland (RAHAB Ministries Founder), and now Angel lives to serve Jesus and the trapped women of Akron.

Josiah Bogue

Josiah Bogue is a student in the Grace Bible College extension and an intern in the Collective Ministry. Through the years, he has also grown into a bigger role on stage, and now he frequently helps lead music at the Bath Campus.

Paul Vespoli

Paul Vespoli is an active member of Grace Church who serves in many capacities, including men’s ministry, Bible teaching, and our service efforts to Haiti. Hear Paul discuss God’s never-tiring patience and love as he helped pull him through the struggles of life, and into a life of new found hope and purpose.