Category: Grace Unscripted

Bryan Hoffman

“My brother-in-law just kept inviting me to go to church… I went in looking for anything and everything I could find wrong so that I would never ever go back to church… I realized how hard of a wall I had built up and God busted through that thing and I allowed myself to stand up and accept prayer… I was so happy that I finally saw Him again and I couldn’t stop crying… That was the moment where my faith and everything shifted and I felt called into ministry.” Bryan Hoffman

Paul Basone

“After the funeral at the church we were married in… I stood at the same spot that we said our vows. I remember telling God,through a lot of tears, ‘I get it. Your Fathership trumps my husbandship… She is yours first and like her dad gave her away here, I am giving her away to you.’” -Paul Basone

Here is the Unscripted story of Paul’s journey through the privilege and pain of losing his wife and how God has used it in ways he never could have asked or imagined.

Zoe Oseni

“When you take a minute to look back at God’s faithfulness, I think that is where rest comes, and confidence comes, and peace in the Lord’s plan for your life.” – Zoe Jamison
Between grief and healing, anger and joy, singleness and marriage, Zoe shares the highs and lows in her story on the next episode of grace unscripted.