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His Good Plans in both Graves and Gardens – Madds Higgins

“It has recently really repositioned me to see that God still has good plans. He is not finished with me yet if I still have breath in my lungs. He is still working, and He’s not done.” – Madds Higgins

This week on Grace Unscripted, we get to hear the story of Madds Higgins! From growing up around the church to fully diving into pursuing God and what he has planned for her, Madds’ story is a beautiful testament to how God can redeem our past and use it for his good while also empowering us to help other people on their journeys as well!

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Finding Identity in a Savior – Jack Latkovic

“I’m not that person that I used to be. I’m not this person that is still struggling with this daily sin. I am God’s child. He loves me. He loved me during the parties. He loved me my whole life. He loved me when I was sinning. When I will sin, He will still love me.” – Jack Latkovic

On this week’s episode of Grace Unscripted, we dive deep into the story of Jack Latkovic! From chasing after an identity in sports, popularity, and partying to finding his identity in Jesus, Jack’s journey is a beautiful representation of God’s never-ending love and how he pursues us even when we are lost.

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Finding Treasure in the Darkness – Amy Kubbins

“I feel like God gives us these trials to use for His purpose. If I’m not sharing my story. If I’m not ministering to someone. If I’m not relating myself. I understand mental illness. I get it. I lived through it. I hate it. I hate it, but who else is going to listen?” – Amy Kubbins

On this week’s episode of Grace Unscripted, we get to hear the powerful story of Amy Kubbins! Through trauma and heartbreak, Amy’s story is a testament to God’s faithfulness and an amazing example of how He places people around us in our darkest moments.

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Steven Gamauf

“There are hundreds…thousands of people out there who are good at hiding in the corner. Jesus has convicted every single one of us that those are people that we need to reach as well. I think it is really easy to fly under the radar for a very long time and the craziness for probably most people who are listening to this is that you’ll encounter hundreds of people in a day possibly…Constantly my brain is thinking about how many people can fly under the radar in a day…Seek the people who are hiding in the corner.” – Steven Gamauf

On this week’s episode of Unscripted, we get to hear the transformational story of Steven Gamauf. From feeling disconnected and living life hiding in the corner, to now seeking out those same people every day, Steven’s story is an amazing testament to how little actions can have a big impact!

Lynnie Carden

“Something I noticed looking back, was that my faith wasn’t in Jesus. It was in the people that surrounded Jesus. That was a very unstable ground, obviously. In those times of really struggling with my family, and this relationship I had as a teenager, I didn’t have a stable foundation because I didn’t know Jesus. I just knew the people around Him. I collected information about Jesus. I didn’t really pray as a way to have a relationship with Him. I prayed as a way to get more information on Him and fill Him in on what is happening. It wasn’t’ a listening. It was a telling.” – Lynnie Carden

This week on Unscripted we get to hear the amazing story of Lynnie Carden. From growing up not knowing who Jesus is, to discovering him at camp, we get to hear Lynnie’s story of learning what putting your faith fully in Jesus looks like.

Terri Doherty

“…being able to be there for them and saying to them up front, you’re going to have challenges that you can’t even imagine, but God…so let’s place Him at the beginning. Let’s place Him in the center and invite Him in, to this marriage, to this relationship, to the raising of these kids, while teaching our kids to pray.” – Terri Doherty

On this week’s episode of Unscripted, we get to hear the incredible story of Terri Doherty. Terri’s story is an amazing example of the power of prayer, faith, and dependence on the Lord in even the most difficult moments and even when it’s hard to see how He is working.

Vinnie Lobello

“I remember talking to a mentor of mine right after I finished my second year of college. I was like, I really don’t want to do this whole accounting thing. I feel called to be here right now. It’s really hard to focus on debits and credits when life change is happening…I’m still pretty young in my faith, but I’ve realized in this time as a Christian that whatever my one-year, three-year, five-year plan is God’s going to blow it up.” – Vinnie Lobello

This week on Unscripted, we dive into the story of Vinnie Lobello. We get to hear how he went from running from hell and chasing the world, to running to Jesus and chasing after other young adults who don’t know Him yet!

Donny Varney

“I kind of realized that my competitive drive is sort of in things that don’t matter all that much. I think God was able to get ahold of my heart and channel it towards anything that matters. You know what, you can actually be an athlete. You can actually be competitive, and you can use all of the things that an athlete might prepare themselves for in competition or in a sport to be the very best they can be…For me, I’ve tried to take that spirit in my job and be like I might not be on the front lines because of my job description. I might not be able to be personally fulfilled by coaching all the teams, or being the counselor for all of the camps, or having that direct impact with the participant or the athlete, but I can take something like the Grace Race, that raises money for starving children, and I can take all of that competitive drive and say you know what, I think that this is something that would bring a smile to God’s face…I think that there is a lot of room to take all of the sports and athletic energy and stuff that I love but translate it to things that really matter for the gospel.” – Donny Varney

On this week’s episode of Unscripted, we get to hear the incredible story of Pastor Donny Varney. Hear how the role models who stepped up along the way helped shaped Donny into the man he is today and how he has been able to use his passion for sports to reach others for the gospel!

Nate Rayl

“It was probably the angriest I have been at God and also the closest. It’s like I have nothing else but faith at this point. Everything that we built, everything that I built, everything I thought I was doing was just done.” – Nate Rayl

This week on Unscripted, we get to hear the amazing story of Pastor Nate Rayl. From Ohio country kid to the wilds of Russia and New York, Nate’s story is an incredible example of God’s guidance and faithfulness even in the moments when we don’t know what is going to happen next!

Matt Hennessey

“I learned about this God who loved me and who sent his son to die for me. I saw that tangible expression of who Jesus was all throughout my freshman year while being at YoungLife and being involved in that community and going to camp. It was displayed in a way that I understood, not fully knowing what Jesus looked like, but knowing that I wanted that instead of what I was doing before.” – Matt Hennessey

On today’s episode of Unscripted, we dive into the story of Matt Hennessey. We get to hear how faith in Matt’s life has come full circle and how he now gets to lead and impact highschoolers in the same way that he first tangibly experienced Jesus!