Category: Grace Unscripted

John Gressock

“I started to fall apart in middle school… I realized nobody actually cares. If this is what Christians are like I don’t want any part of it. My biggest fear is that happens to kids today in our own ministry.” -John Gressock

This week’s Unscripted conversation goes deep into the story of Grace’s Student Ministries Middle School Pastor, John. Hear how the desperation and loneliness he experienced as a teen now inspires him to show the love of Jesus to our current middle school students so they feel seen and known.

Sunni Gressock

“I think I’m going to ask my neighbor if she wants to follow Jesus tomorrow.” -Sunni Gressock

If you want to hear the story of a woman who relentlessly pursues people for Jesus and be inspired to live boldly, too – don’t miss today’s Unscripted conversation!

Zoe Oseni

“When you take a minute to look back at God’s faithfulness, I think that is where rest comes, and confidence comes, and peace in the Lord’s plan for your life.” – Zoe Jamison
Between grief and healing, anger and joy, singleness and marriage, Zoe shares the highs and lows in her story on the next episode of grace unscripted.