David Wewer

A Shifting Culture

On this episode of the Led to Lead podcast, we get to hear from Pastor Jeff Bogue about how as leaders, we find ourselves guiding others in the midst of a shifting culture.

Donny Varney

“I kind of realized that my competitive drive is sort of in things that don’t matter all that much. I think God was able to get ahold of my heart and channel it towards anything that matters. You know what, you can actually be an athlete. You can actually be competitive, and you can use all of the things that an athlete might prepare themselves for in competition or in a sport to be the very best they can be…For me, I’ve tried to take that spirit in my job and be like I might not be on the front lines because of my job description. I might not be able to be personally fulfilled by coaching all the teams, or being the counselor for all of the camps, or having that direct impact with the participant or the athlete, but I can take something like the Grace Race, that raises money for starving children, and I can take all of that competitive drive and say you know what, I think that this is something that would bring a smile to God’s face…I think that there is a lot of room to take all of the sports and athletic energy and stuff that I love but translate it to things that really matter for the gospel.” – Donny Varney

On this week’s episode of Unscripted, we get to hear the incredible story of Pastor Donny Varney. Hear how the role models who stepped up along the way helped shaped Donny into the man he is today and how he has been able to use his passion for sports to reach others for the gospel!

How We View God

On this episode of the Led to Lead podcast, we get to hear from Pastor Jeff Bogue about how the way we view God affects both how we lead others and engage in our own faith!

Nate Rayl

“It was probably the angriest I have been at God and also the closest. It’s like I have nothing else but faith at this point. Everything that we built, everything that I built, everything I thought I was doing was just done.” – Nate Rayl

This week on Unscripted, we get to hear the amazing story of Pastor Nate Rayl. From Ohio country kid to the wilds of Russia and New York, Nate’s story is an incredible example of God’s guidance and faithfulness even in the moments when we don’t know what is going to happen next!

Matt Hennessey

“I learned about this God who loved me and who sent his son to die for me. I saw that tangible expression of who Jesus was all throughout my freshman year while being at YoungLife and being involved in that community and going to camp. It was displayed in a way that I understood, not fully knowing what Jesus looked like, but knowing that I wanted that instead of what I was doing before.” – Matt Hennessey

On today’s episode of Unscripted, we dive into the story of Matt Hennessey. We get to hear how faith in Matt’s life has come full circle and how he now gets to lead and impact highschoolers in the same way that he first tangibly experienced Jesus!

Josh Snyder

“Early on, I realized why God had me in the development field. Most of the people at the time were not followers. It became really apparent that God had me around these people because he loved them enough to share his love with them through me. I don’t feel in any way shape or form adequate to be that guy on the front lines, but I could tell that is where God had me.”

On this week’s episode of Unscripted, we get to hear the amazing story of Josh Snyder! Through all the ups and downs of life, he was searching for not only relationships, but purpose as well. As we listen to his story, we get to hear how he ultimately found both through a relationship with Jesus and has since found a passion for giving the gospel away to others!

Jeri Ball

“If you are seeking identity in people or your career, those things are going to let you down, but the Lord never does. He never lets you down. He is constantly pursuing and loving you.” – Jeri Ball

This week’s Unscripted conversation dives deep into the story of Jeri Ball. Hear how she went from finding her identity in the world around her, to experiencing the love of God, finding her identity in him, and now leading other women to do the same!

Jocelynn Olminsky

“When I have no control, I can count on and hold onto Jesus and the fact that he is in control and knows what he is doing. He has my best interest in mind. Even if I have nobody, I have him.”

This week’s Unscripted conversation jumps into the story of one of Grace’s Student Ministry Interns, Jocelynn Olminsky. Hear how the experiences of her childhood and teenage years, along with the example set by her older sister, led her to latch onto Jesus and inspired her to pursue a life in ministry and mentor students at Grace Church.

Brad Deetscreek

“I fell in love with working with teenagers…they have zeal and when they grab ahold of something they will run through a wall. That’s why I am more excited about teenagers today than I have ever been. They have so much fire inside them and when they really believe it and when they get ahold of following Jesus, it changes their whole destiny. When you think about the decisions their making from 13-18, the change in life that happens. They go from holding stuffed animals to some joining the military and holding weapons in a five-year span. Just think, if you can get them excited about Jesus and put their identity in him…”

He never thought he would be a pastor or living in Ohio. This week’s Unscripted conversation dives into the story of Grace’s Family Ministry Pastor, Brad Deetscreek. Hear how Brad went from catching crawfish in the streams of western Pennsylvania, to eventually ending up a pastor in Northeast Ohio with a passion for helping teenagers know Jesus.