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Jason Catlett

“For the very first time in my life I saw God not as the wagging finger or the fist about to pound me. I saw the hand reaching out to rescue me and save me. Still to this day when someone asks, ‘What is God to you?’ I say, ‘He is the God of the outstretched hand.’ He was reaching down because he was choosing me. I felt chosen. I felt loved. And that was life change for me.” – Jason Catlett

That is what love is and that is what Jason experienced when he gave his life to Jesus. Listen to today’s episode of Grace Unscripted to hear how he got to this moment and how his life was changed from this moment on! If Jason’s story impacts you and you would like to talk with someone about it, please reach out to We would love to connect with you!

Why Young Adults? part 2

Continuing our conversation with Michael Philips and David black about why it is important to invest in Young Adults through our church mission.

Melissa Schmitz

“I am super excited for Feed My Starving Children this year. I think it’s ironic that I started volunteering with that in the middle of struggling with anorexia. Since then I’ve been part of it every year. One year, our slogan on the t-shirt was ‘Hope Starts With Food.’ It just hit me- that’s my story. Hope starts with being physically fed, and as I was physically fed I became spiritually fed as well.”

This brave, vulnerable, and beautiful story from Melissa Schmitz is a beautiful picture of God’s faithfulness, healing, and hope. If you relate to this story and would like to talk to someone at Grace or to Melissa, please email us at