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Genuine Intimacy & Authentic Connections

This week on the Led to Lead podcast, we dive into a special episode highlighting an episode of the Momentum Ministry Partners Podcast where their Director Eric Miller and Dr. Juli Slattery, Founder of Authentic Intimacy, discuss how we can foster genuine intimacy and build authentic connections in today’s digital age. We hope you find this conversation as fascinating and inciteful as we did! If you would like to learn more about Momentum Ministry Partners and the amazing work they do, you learn more about them at Similarly, if you would like to learn more about Dr. Juli Slattery and her work with Authentic Intimacy, you can learn more about them here: Authentic Intimacy.

8: The Focus of Our Faith – By Faith | 6/9/24

Faith is crucial in the Christian journey and is highlighted throughout the Bible as essential for pleasing God and living according to His will. Various verses emphasize different aspects of faith, such as walking, standing, living, and being saved by faith. Jesus was “amazed” at both the lack of faith and the strength of faith He encountered in people. Hebrews 11 helps us understand that faith is more than just words; it’s about how we live. We’d love for you to join us during this series as we talk about Jesus being the best example and focus of our faith.

Favor In The Journey – Nardos Street

“He has done amazing things, given me grace again, and favored me. I didn’t think that I could measure up to those things you know in a lot of ways because I know my beginnings and what my future was supposed to be…He used me to serve and be served at the same time.” – Nardos Street

This week on the Grace Unscripted Podcast, we get to hear the incredible story of Nardos Street. Nardos’ life has been amazing journey from growing up in Ethiopia and having set paths forward in life, to God opening a door at the right time choosing to faithfully follow Him. Through heartbreak, struggle, and life change, Nardos’ journey is a clear example of how God walks alongside us, directs our steps, shows mercy when we need it, and gives direction when we are lost.

If Nardos’ story has resonated with you or you have any questions, we would love to hear from you! You can email us at! We are also excited to let you know that we have a Grace Unscripted worship playlist made up of each guest’s favorite worship song, or songs! You can check the playlist out here: