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Shepherding While We Are Shepherded

On this week’s episode of the Led to Lead podcast, we get to hear from Grace Church’s Middle School Pastor John Gressock! John discusses what leadership actually is and shares with us his experience walking alongside and shepherding middle schoolers and how that is reflected in the way we interact with God and pursue Him.

3: The Faith of Abel – By Faith | 4/28/24

Faith is crucial in the Christian journey and is highlighted throughout the Bible as essential for pleasing God and living according to His will. Various verses emphasize different aspects of faith, such as walking, standing, living, and being saved by faith. Jesus was “amazed” at both the lack of faith and the strength of faith He encountered in people. Hebrews 11 helps us understand that faith is more than just words; it’s about how we live. We’d love for you to join us during this series as we talk about Jesus being the best example and focus of our faith.

What We Do Here, Echoes for Eternity – Eric Bosshard

“When I look at the gifts God gave me and the opportunities He has given me, there is a fork in the road of do I use these for my own comfort, my own success, or my own fame, or do I use these gifts so that they were not given in vain.” – Eric Bosshard

On this week’s episode of the Grace Unscripted Podcast, we get to hear the dynamic story of Eric Bosshard! From his experience in the business world to his time leading in the church, Eric shares his perspective and focus on God’s grace and how what we do while on Earth has eternal impact.

If Eric’s story has resonated with you or you have any questions, we would love to hear from you! You can email us at! We are also excited to let you know that we have a Grace Unscripted worship playlist made up of each guest’s favorite worship song, or songs! You can check the playlist out here: