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Nate Rayl

“It was probably the angriest I have been at God and also the closest. It’s like I have nothing else but faith at this point. Everything that we built, everything that I built, everything I thought I was doing was just done.” – Nate Rayl

This week on Unscripted, we get to hear the amazing story of Pastor Nate Rayl. From Ohio country kid to the wilds of Russia and New York, Nate’s story is an incredible example of God’s guidance and faithfulness even in the moments when we don’t know what is going to happen next!

What it Looks Like

We talk with Josiah Bogue and what ministry to an unreached culture can look like.

3: The Parable of the Hidden Treasure and the Pearl of Great Price | Paradigm Shift

The parables of Jesus weren’t just nice little stories He told or simple teaching illustrations he made to prove a moral or spiritual point. The reality is, His parables were often meant to disrupt, both then and now, the way people think … upend our notions about life … and deeply challenge us to view His Kingdom accurately. Join us in this six-week series titled “Paradigm Shift.”

Matt Hennessey

“I learned about this God who loved me and who sent his son to die for me. I saw that tangible expression of who Jesus was all throughout my freshman year while being at YoungLife and being involved in that community and going to camp. It was displayed in a way that I understood, not fully knowing what Jesus looked like, but knowing that I wanted that instead of what I was doing before.” – Matt Hennessey

On today’s episode of Unscripted, we dive into the story of Matt Hennessey. We get to hear how faith in Matt’s life has come full circle and how he now gets to lead and impact highschoolers in the same way that he first tangibly experienced Jesus!