Lynnie Carden

“Something I noticed looking back, was that my faith wasn’t in Jesus. It was in the people that surrounded Jesus. That was a very unstable ground, obviously. In those times of really struggling with my family, and this relationship I had as a teenager, I didn’t have a stable foundation because I didn’t know Jesus. I just knew the people around Him. I collected information about Jesus. I didn’t really pray as a way to have a relationship with Him. I prayed as a way to get more information on Him and fill Him in on what is happening. It wasn’t’ a listening. It was a telling.” – Lynnie Carden

This week on Unscripted we get to hear the amazing story of Lynnie Carden. From growing up not knowing who Jesus is, to discovering him at camp, we get to hear Lynnie’s story of learning what putting your faith fully in Jesus looks like.