Donny Varney

“I kind of realized that my competitive drive is sort of in things that don’t matter all that much. I think God was able to get ahold of my heart and channel it towards anything that matters. You know what, you can actually be an athlete. You can actually be competitive, and you can use all of the things that an athlete might prepare themselves for in competition or in a sport to be the very best they can be…For me, I’ve tried to take that spirit in my job and be like I might not be on the front lines because of my job description. I might not be able to be personally fulfilled by coaching all the teams, or being the counselor for all of the camps, or having that direct impact with the participant or the athlete, but I can take something like the Grace Race, that raises money for starving children, and I can take all of that competitive drive and say you know what, I think that this is something that would bring a smile to God’s face…I think that there is a lot of room to take all of the sports and athletic energy and stuff that I love but translate it to things that really matter for the gospel.” – Donny Varney

On this week’s episode of Unscripted, we get to hear the incredible story of Pastor Donny Varney. Hear how the role models who stepped up along the way helped shaped Donny into the man he is today and how he has been able to use his passion for sports to reach others for the gospel!