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Shanda Gobeli

“I have the abilities God has given me… I can read the bible. I can memorize. I can study. I can pray. I can love. I can reach out to people and not always wait for them to reach out to me. It is common in the disability community to collapse inward and to not reach out because they might not reach back. I never got that memo.” -Shanda Gobeli

Isaac Bogue

“It’s not hard to have a day camp. To have a quality day camp centered on the gospel – that’s hard. And it’s only able to be centered on the gospel if you have enough volunteers to take care of the absolute essentials and even more to double down on the gospel.

The thing I’m most excited about is how we can use sports with kids, high school, and college to develop leaders who then train the next kids who jump into middle school then high school and then college and to make that cycle healthy and the best it con be.” -Isaac Bogue

He didn’t plan on working towards being a pastor, or working at his dad’s church when he grew up, but as he followed God’s call, that’s exactly where he found himself. And our church family and community are blessed by Isaac’s (and Barry Basketball’s) energy, commitment, and impact. 

Leigh Ann Hradil

“When we found ourselves desperate to save our family, it just felt natural to turn to church. We needed community, we didn’t know that then, but I know now that’s what we needed.

Community was everything we didn’t know we needed when our marriage was all but dead. And it became everything that we needed to be who we are today.” -Leigh Ann Hradil