Sunni Gressock

Kelci Rayl

“God loved me so deeply to save my depraved heart unconditionally. I had a good sense of hope that it was going to be ok. Sometimes we’ll take the biological part really far or the spiritual part really far. Nate was really good about reminding me that while you are learning all these things that are going on with you hormonally, remember the spiritual side. As a person you are spiritual, emotional, and physical. And it wasn’t like, ‘Oh, ah ha! Now I’m better!’ It was a very drawn out, messy time. Having a foundation in Christ, I very much believed there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. That is salvation. If that is not true, what is the point?” -Kelci Rayl 

Kelci gets real in today’s episode, sharing the depths of her experience of becoming a mom and teaching us what it took years for her to understand about Postpartum Anxiety and Depression. If her story resonates with you and you would like to talk to someone about your own experience, please reach out to us at

Ari Smith

“I don’t want a relationship with God just because I don’t want to go to hell. I want a relationship with God because I want to know this man. He is my father. I love him so much. He loves me so much. It fills all those voids and answers all those questions that people, especially women and girls, ask, ‘Am I worthy? Am I loved? Why did this happen to me?’ God fills all those voids.” -Ari Smith

This week’s episode is one about the discovery of and the recovery from addiction and how Ari’s faith in her loving, heavenly Father pulled her through. 

Bob Ball

“When I first came to Grace, I said and I meant, ‘I hate people.’ And my shift is so opposite of that now; it is an absolute upside down kingdom. It’s an answer to prayer because I literally prayed for months for God to show me people the way He saw them, not the way I saw them. I know my heart and where it leads me. So it has been abandon. God, you tell me where I am going, and I am right behind you.” – Bob Ball

Today’s guest, Bob Ball, used to take pride in being a man’s man. Now, through the heart change that he experience through Jesus, He is a God’s man and is humbly leading the men around him toward Christ, too. We hope you enjoy this episode which is full of miracles and stuff only God can do.

Jason Catlett

“For the very first time in my life I saw God not as the wagging finger or the fist about to pound me. I saw the hand reaching out to rescue me and save me. Still to this day when someone asks, ‘What is God to you?’ I say, ‘He is the God of the outstretched hand.’ He was reaching down because he was choosing me. I felt chosen. I felt loved. And that was life change for me.” – Jason Catlett

That is what love is and that is what Jason experienced when he gave his life to Jesus. Listen to today’s episode of Grace Unscripted to hear how he got to this moment and how his life was changed from this moment on! If Jason’s story impacts you and you would like to talk with someone about it, please reach out to We would love to connect with you!

Melissa Schmitz

“I am super excited for Feed My Starving Children this year. I think it’s ironic that I started volunteering with that in the middle of struggling with anorexia. Since then I’ve been part of it every year. One year, our slogan on the t-shirt was ‘Hope Starts With Food.’ It just hit me- that’s my story. Hope starts with being physically fed, and as I was physically fed I became spiritually fed as well.”

This brave, vulnerable, and beautiful story from Melissa Schmitz is a beautiful picture of God’s faithfulness, healing, and hope. If you relate to this story and would like to talk to someone at Grace or to Melissa, please email us at

Eric Miller

“I’m a product of everything this organization has done. I’m convinced that God has used all these ministries that I’ve been a part of, both as a student and as a youth pastor. Now it’s incredible to see the impact that these ministries have, to get to lead the organization, and help churches see the value in what this adds. I love being able to put wind into people’s sails and help them reach their maximum impact for what God wants to do through the local church.” -Eric Miller

In todays episode, we hear the journey of how Eric Miller went from being a student of Momentum Ministry Partners (formerly CE National) to now being Executive Director of Ministry. 

Shanda Gobeli

“I have the abilities God has given me… I can read the bible. I can memorize. I can study. I can pray. I can love. I can reach out to people and not always wait for them to reach out to me. It is common in the disability community to collapse inward and to not reach out because they might not reach back. I never got that memo.” -Shanda Gobeli

Isaac Bogue

“It’s not hard to have a day camp. To have a quality day camp centered on the gospel – that’s hard. And it’s only able to be centered on the gospel if you have enough volunteers to take care of the absolute essentials and even more to double down on the gospel.

The thing I’m most excited about is how we can use sports with kids, high school, and college to develop leaders who then train the next kids who jump into middle school then high school and then college and to make that cycle healthy and the best it con be.” -Isaac Bogue

He didn’t plan on working towards being a pastor, or working at his dad’s church when he grew up, but as he followed God’s call, that’s exactly where he found himself. And our church family and community are blessed by Isaac’s (and Barry Basketball’s) energy, commitment, and impact. 

Leigh Ann Hradil

“When we found ourselves desperate to save our family, it just felt natural to turn to church. We needed community, we didn’t know that then, but I know now that’s what we needed.

Community was everything we didn’t know we needed when our marriage was all but dead. And it became everything that we needed to be who we are today.” -Leigh Ann Hradil

Ray Dunkle

“Success really drove me. Then in my mid- 30’s I came to Grace and I started committing my life to Christ and I thought, ‘Huh, which master am I going to serve?’… My life priorities were shifting because I knew the Lord, but I came to love him and be defined by Him.” -Ray Dunkle