Brad Deetscreek

“I fell in love with working with teenagers…they have zeal and when they grab ahold of something they will run through a wall. That’s why I am more excited about teenagers today than I have ever been. They have so much fire inside them and when they really believe it and when they get ahold of following Jesus, it changes their whole destiny. When you think about the decisions their making from 13-18, the change in life that happens. They go from holding stuffed animals to some joining the military and holding weapons in a five-year span. Just think, if you can get them excited about Jesus and put their identity in him…”

He never thought he would be a pastor or living in Ohio. This week’s Unscripted conversation dives into the story of Grace’s Family Ministry Pastor, Brad Deetscreek. Hear how Brad went from catching crawfish in the streams of western Pennsylvania, to eventually ending up a pastor in Northeast Ohio with a passion for helping teenagers know Jesus.