Category: Mixed Messages with Jeff Bogue

When We Disagree

As we are trying to build relationships and have conversations with one another it can often lead to conflict when we disagree. In this episode, we explore some ways we can take a Christ-centered approach into those situations. How do we love others, even when they disagree with us?

The School Question

On this episode, we’re tackling the “school” question. We love our kids and we want the best for them. School has always been a big part of not just their education, but their well-being. So how do we navigate things when everything that we’ve come to rely on changes on us?


Introducing Mixed Messages

Our culture is full of these mixed messages. Some are harmless, some are harmful, and most are confusing. We want to be a part of that conversation. Not to add to the noise but to be a resource in how Christ-followers can work through the noise to find God’s heart and mind in all of these different issues. We also want to give you an opportunity to ask questions and join in that conversation with us.