Month: June 2017

+Weekend Extra- 06/24/17- Is It Important To Go To God With Our Positive Emotions?

+Weekend Extra with Pastor Ryan and Pastor Joe.
There are always extra thoughts, topics, and insights that cannot be covered in the conversations on the weekend. The Weekend Extra is to help further the conversation from the message. In this episode Pastor Ryan discusses the first week’s conversation of All The Feels.

06/25/17 – All The Feels – When Life Is Hard

Cute baby pictures, our friends’ wedding photos, puppies, the heart stopping endings of our favorite TV shows: all these things and more inspire us to feverishly hit the keyboard with”#allthefeels”.
And even though we might not Snapchat about emotions like anxiety, loneliness and insecurity as readily, they are often present in our day to day lives. Aside from not openly expressing these emotions, we often don’t even know what to do with them.
In our series, All the Feels, we’ll take a look at the role these emotions play in our lives, and explore together how to
interact with God to deal with them in a healthy way.

06/25/17 – Some Assembly Required – “Those are the Jesus People”


– Written By Luke

– To “Most Excellent” Theopholus

– Sequel To Luke’s Gospel

– About Jesus Continuing His Mission

Acts 11:19-26

Get God into you.

Get you into the city.

Get why God got involved.

6/19/17 – Right Now – Fatherhood

Life is happening right now. It may not feel like it because we are so excited about the next big thing: graduation, marriage, the right job, retirement, you name it.  

But here’s the thing, for all of us, right now is the only place life actually happens. Even when we find ourselves in circumstances we didn’t choose or plan for, who we are now and how we handle this stage of life, creates the next stage of life. Each day is filled with opportunities… the question is: are we able to see them?  

In our series, Right Now, we’ll dig into what it means to be all-in in the life you have now. This semester we’ll focusing on gaining wisdom, life direction, and health in our relationships.