Asking For A Friend – Week 2 – The Returning King

I’m just…”Asking for a Friend”… It’s a phrase we use when we have questions, but are too scared or embarrassed to ask them. Often we go to the internet or a peer for insight or explanation. Sometimes, we just let the question sit unanswered inside of us for a long time. 

Unsurprisingly, this isn’t the best way to get solid, biblical answers for our questions. The Bible has many confusing stories, and Jesus often says things that are difficult to understand. However, wrestling with difficult issues is an important step in the process of becoming like Jesus. If we are going to truly learn to love and follow him, we have to give him access to every part of our lives, even the ones we don’t want to talk about or when His instructions are confusing or challenging.

Having a difficult time understanding the Bible? Don’t worry. It’s something that we have all struggled with, and in this series we’re going to learn together. We’re just going to say that we’re Asking For A Friend.