Podcast - Bath

02/20/17 — Assume I Know Nothing : “When You See…”

There are some universal questions we all satisfy in one way or another. And one of them is the question of spirituality. Is there a God? Who is he? What is he like? And what does he have to do with me?

Many of us didn’t grow up going to church, and most of us who did would probably say we don’t know the story of the Bible, or even know God, as well as we wish we did. For those of us who did grow up in church, we still wish we could explain the Bible and God’s story in simple terms for our friends.

The series, Assume I Know Nothing, is a telling of the grand story of God straight from the Bible. We’ll get an overview of who He is, and how He interacts with humanity. We invite you to come with an open mind and experience the story of God in a new way.